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Closeup #freetolove Valentine's Day 2023

Project type

IMC Campaign Mangement


Dec 2022 - Feb 2023


Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos

Oral care brand Closeup partnered with Blink for a Valentine’s Day campaign that celebrated love and connection through whatever hardships couples may face. To achieve this, Blink helped Closeup launch #freetolove, social media campaign that encouraged couples to love one another free from self-doubt or judgment from others — and, of course, with fresh breath, and a confident smile.

Blink produced:
- Original theme song for #freetolove in three languages: Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laotian
- #FreeToLove social video production
- Love Meter Microsite Creation
- AI Music Customization Reel for Couples
- KOL collaboration and management
- Offline Events with pop-up stores, sampling booths, & experiential events

The campaign successfully positioned Closeup as a trusted oral care brand associated with fresh breath, confidence, and romantic connections. In major markets, #freetolove was truly the talk of the town for Valentine's Day 2023.

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