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Project Type

Purpose Campaign Management, KOL Content Creation, Campaign Amplification with Real Life Couples


Jan - Feb 2022




The COUP-VID in 2022 has pushed lovers from different parts of Myanmar far apart from each other. With Closeup’s brand purpose to bring every lover closer than ever, Closeup recruited Blink to execute 
the digital campaign around Valentine’s day with a 
campaign message of 
“Free To Love”.


6 Real Couples Recruitment and producing Mini Series
Theme Song Lyrics Video Production
Shadow Dance Music Video Production
15 Real Couples Recruitment for sharing My Day Stories
Lyrics Prank Video Production by collaborating with Video Creator Couple

Closeup, one of the leading oral care brands in Myanmar, has figured to pull off a digital campaign aiming to own Valentine’s Day of 2022, not in a blunt and direct yet in a subtle and authentic way of approach, despite the constraints under political unrest.

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