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ABC SMOOTH Stout New Small Bottle Launch

Project type

PR Campaign Management


Jan 204 - May 2024



For ABC Smooth's persona creation ahead of the launch of their new 330ml bottle, the focus was on positioning the brand as synonymous with modern sophistication, seamlessly integrated into Gen Z's social lives. Leveraging PR support from diverse key opinion leaders (KOLs), ABC Smooth successfully recruited a new Smooth Generation, shifting preferences towards their product. Collaborations with local Gen Z influencer brands and exclusive 'SMOOTH Collaterals' merchandise co-creation emphasized innovation, craft, and style. Through strategic PR and KOL engagement, ABC Smooth established itself as the drink of choice for Gen Z, with a proven reach of 1.06M and $3,420 PR value, reinforcing the key idea of "Smooth in Every Sip" and solidifying its place in the Gen Z lifestyle.

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