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AR/Chatbot Services

As the technology advances over time, Augmented Reality and Chatbots are becoming essentials tools to engage with your customers. From simple AR filters and mini-games to complex data-driven chatbots, Blink can provide one-stop service for your brand.

Below is our packages for social media chatbots. For AR campaigns, feel free to reach out to us to get free consultation and quotation.

Chatbot Packages


Up to 5,000 subscribers 
Customer Support 
Technical Support  

Development Fees - 200 USD (one time)

Subscription Fees - 50 USD per month


Up to 50,000 subscribers 
Customer Support 
Technical Support  
Monthly Report

Development Fees - 300 USD (one time)

Subscription Fees - 100 USD per month


Unlimited subscribers 
Customer Support 
Technical Support  
Design Support 
Monthly Report
Dedicated Account Manager 

Development Fees - 500 USD (one time)

Subscription Fees - 200 USD per month

AR Campigns

For your AR campaigns, please reach out to us for customized campaign design.

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